Some Useful "Hacks" For A Cat Owner

  • Ice chips for toys. Often I'll throw a toy across the floor and it'll go some distance, and every so often will fly under an appliance or furniture. Ice chips fly faster and smoother than any other toy, and if they're small enough, they're very attractive things for your cat to paw at. If they get lost under something, it's not a big deal. They're clean too.

  • Never give a cat a treat without it having to work for it. Use the treats to

  • Clipping her claws while your cat is sleepy. Some believe clipping claws is unnecessary, but the pain endured from a cat's affectionate kneading becomes too much otherwise, and your cat is a greater danger to others as well. The best time to clip your cat's claws is when its sleepy, and you should hold the paw with a firm grip and work efficiently, making it seem like too much trouble to awaken and start fightin' n' bitin'.

  • Using wet hands to wipe off cat hair, repeatedly wiping and rinsing near the sink, before hanging up clothes. It doesn't matter how wet your shirt is when taking it off, so be generous with the water. Not so generous if you're wiping off cat hair on the way out, so it's fully evaporated before you get to where you're going.

  • Double-sided tape on forbidden areas. Cats supposedly don't like to walk on sticky surfaces. I haven't done this yet, but I'm going to try, especially around my printer. Also, a scratching post could be a viable distraction from frequent targets too. My cat liked to scratch the side of my sofa, but with the scratching post there, she scratches that instead.

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