Best Way To Train A Dog

Positive training is using reward not punishment. Giving not withholding. Cheery not grumpy. Happy not angry. Relaxed not frustrated. Setting the dog up to succeed rather than fail.

The dog will want to work for and be around and do for all the more positive things. Negative will cause the opposite.

Effort. Well that’s All you. Effort to be outside in the rain, effort to be calm, effort to be consistent, effort to be fair, effort to be the giver in the relationship and effort to realise it’s all on you.

If it’s toilet training. Every time pup wakes take it straight outside and walk/wait out til it does something, then Ton of praise and reward.

You’re setting him up to succeed by being ready and Prepared to get him outside straight away. The effort is in doing it Every time. You’re giving reward with your praise alone but food treats Always help! It’s an easy job with positivity & effort.

Training anything can be broken down into steps like that.

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